Some pictures of the 1970 280S parts car

Just some pictures i snapped today of the parts car that I will start to break for parts on monday. Both the w111 220Sb and W110 190c has been delivered to the junk yard.



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Washing my car in january…

I thought that washing a car outside in december, where I live, in Norway was quite special. But today we had +4 degrees celsius here, and all the snow melted away in no-time. Just a week ago we had -20 and I was preparing for a cold and gloomy winter.

This time I washed my W211. It really needed it. It looked terrible.

And last, but not least, a photo of my 300TDT where it sits waiting for summer.


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A couple of nice brochures

A bought these two from a guy on facebook this week. They are in a great condition, and are a nice addition to my collection.


Let me know if you want me to post some pictures of some of the pages.


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A nice, and warm, detail for my W108

Once upon a time the W108 was a new car, and people drove them all year round. Getting them warm could be a problem when the temperatures was low. One common solution to this was covering the grille, so that the radiator would be less effective.

I got a NOS grille cover for my W108 from a friend for christmas. Even though I do not drive my car in the winter I had to mount it. Sorry for the crappy picture, but the car is not parked in a photo studio for the winter


I think it looks really cool in all its red leather.


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Washin my 300TDT in december, in Norway…

On sunday we had 6,5 degrees celsius at my house. All the snownthat we had disappeared in a blink. A great time to finally be able to wash my S123 300TDT so it is ready to be stored for the remainder of the winter.

First, I use some Sonax wheel cleaner on the rims, sonce they where extremely dirty. Then I used Prick Bort degreaser on the whole car, including the engine bay. When that had been on the car for five minutes, I used my high pressure washer with a foam cannon to spray on a mixture of water, Sonax soap and Bilt Hamber Surfex HD.

Then I let that sit for a while before I cleaned everything of with my high pressure washer. Here are some pictures of the car drowned on soap and surfex. You can see the grit and dirt coming of the car almost by itself.


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A W110 parts car

A friend of mine needed to get rid of this 1962 190c. Since I need a lot of parts for my 220b build, as well as pictures of how everything goes together, I picked it up for the scrap price. Lots of rust on this one too, but there are some nice parts that I can use.



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Yet another parts car

Picked up this 1970 280S last week. This will also be broken for parts. Quite a lot of rust in the the floor pans, so no reason to try to rescue this one.

I have not been able to go over the car yet to check what the front and rear axles look like.The engine turns, but since the fuel is at least four years old, it does not start.

My idea at this time is to give the front and rear axles a thorough overhaul and then mount them on my 220b. If the engine starts, I will mount that as well.


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