The power windows on m W108

The power windows on a W108 is widely known as a poor construction. After only a couple of years, the whole frame of the mechanism will start to bend. This leads to the motor only engaging with less than 50% of the teeth in the gear, and in short time these teeth will be destroyed.

This had also happened on my car. The frame was totally bent.

I used my Kempi MIG to weld on some new material on the teeth. Afterwards, I used a Dremel with a cutting disk to shape new teeth. I totally forgot to take some pictures of the result, but the power windows works again now.


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Some small repairs on the W108

Eventough april and may are warm months where you think I would be able to get a lot of things done in the workshop, nothing could be farther from the truth. These are months filled with all kinds of other activities.

This means that the W111 project has taken a back seat since I need to focus the little time I have on my W108 right now. Three issues needed fixing:

  1. The power windows for the front doors slipped, so the windows was always open by one cm.
  2. The AC-compressor lasted only two years before it seized up.
  3. If the car is not moving, the engine temperature rises.

So, I will put out some picturs of my work on fixing these issues over the next weeks.

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Unrestored front axle

Well you have seen the restored front axle of a w111, here are the unrestored axles that I will restore and use on my W111 project during the next years. Not much to look at right now, but when I am finished, they will be great


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W111 front axle done the correct way

A friend of mine just finished this front axle for a W111. I took some pictures to document it for myself. This is 100% true to the original and stems from 30 years of experience working on these cars.


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A new daily driver?

Back in 2011 a friend of mine put away a 1995 E220T Sportline because of brake troubles. Since then it has just been parked, and I bought it a couple of weeks ago for next to nothing. I have not picked it up yet, but it looks promising. I think this is actually a great car if you fix the few issues it has. And it will allow me to get rid of the S210 that I am tired of seeing turning into dirt (rust).

I have already gotten hold of a new seat back without a hole.



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Original radio for my 300TDT

My good friend Dan gave me an original Becker Europa Cassette Stereo to mount in the 300TDT. When I bought it, it had an Blaupunkt cassette player. The correct Becker unit looks so much better I think:


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Some pictures of the 1970 280S parts car

Just some pictures i snapped today of the parts car that I will start to break for parts on monday. Both the w111 220Sb and W110 190c has been delivered to the junk yard.



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