Unrestored front axle

Well you have seen the restored front axle of a w111, here are the unrestored axles that I will restore and use on my W111 project during the next years. Not much to look at right now, but when I am finished, they will be great


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W111 front axle done the correct way

A friend of mine just finished this front axle for a W111. I took some pictures to document it for myself. This is 100% true to the original and stems from 30 years of experience working on these cars.


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A new daily driver?

Back in 2011 a friend of mine put away a 1995 E220T Sportline because of brake troubles. Since then it has just been parked, and I bought it a couple of weeks ago for next to nothing. I have not picked it up yet, but it looks promising. I think this is actually a great car if you fix the few issues it has. And it will allow me to get rid of the S210 that I am tired of seeing turning into dirt (rust).

I have already gotten hold of a new seat back without a hole.



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Original radio for my 300TDT

My good friend Dan gave me an original Becker Europa Cassette Stereo to mount in the 300TDT. When I bought it, it had an Blaupunkt cassette player. The correct Becker unit looks so much better I think:


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Some pictures of the 1970 280S parts car

Just some pictures i snapped today of the parts car that I will start to break for parts on monday. Both the w111 220Sb and W110 190c has been delivered to the junk yard.



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Washing my car in january…

I thought that washing a car outside in december, where I live, in Norway was quite special. But today we had +4 degrees celsius here, and all the snow melted away in no-time. Just a week ago we had -20 and I was preparing for a cold and gloomy winter.

This time I washed my W211. It really needed it. It looked terrible.

And last, but not least, a photo of my 300TDT where it sits waiting for summer.


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A couple of nice brochures

A bought these two from a guy on facebook this week. They are in a great condition, and are a nice addition to my collection.


Let me know if you want me to post some pictures of some of the pages.


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