Boge hydromat

Last year while visiting Retro Classics in Stuttgart, i bought a newly renovated Boge Hydromat. This unit is a hydraulic cylinder that sits in the middle of the rear axle on my W108. For a long time, these were impossible to get from the factory, and failed units were replaced with a spring instead. A set up you can find on a pagode from the factory. Luckily, ZF has started to refubish these old Boge Hydromats (Bogebein/hydro compensator) so it is finally possible to experience these cars like the factory meant them to be.

First step was to remove the spring. A friend with a specialist classic Mercedes shop did the work.

And then the Boge Hydromat was mounted.

A testdrive afterwards show the driving characteristics of the car to be quite different. After a bump, if feels stiffer, but not with less comfort. Turning into a corner, it feels more secure and not so loose in the rear end.

All in all a really good upgrade that everyone that has one of these cars needs to get!


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2 Responses to Boge hydromat

  1. Stephen says:

    Hello – what was the price, and who was the retailer?

    • axng says:

      I do not remember the name of the seller. It is one of the guys that is always selling things at Retro Classica and Techno Classica. I think I bought it for €750.

      If you can not find a new one, you can send an old one to be overhauled at the factory.

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