Rolling the fender flares

When I got the car back on the wheels, the tires was almost touching the fender flares. I tried driving the car, but the front tires where rubbing against the fenders all the time, so the car was undrivable.

Keep in mind, my front wheels are 8×16 ET11 Penta wheels. The tires are 205/55-ZR16 Vredestein Ultrac Cento. I do not want to go down in width on the front, so I wanted to make this fit properly.

The way to do this is by rolling the front fender flares. There is an extra lip on the inside that can be rolled up so that the tire will not touch it, and you can move the flare itself upwards and out so that it will give you more space for the tire.

There are special tools made for this job. Some people on Youtube will show you how to do this with a baseball bat, but that is too hillbilly for me.The special tool does not cost that much and is a nice little addition to my tool collection.

Here is the tool:

And here is a couple of shots showing the problem. You can also see where the fender has touched the tire.

The tire is more than a centimetre outside of the fender. Next step is attaching the tool and start to roll the fender. Plenty of videos showing this process on youtube, so I will not bother with making one. After pictures will follow soon.


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Some new hoses

Two hoses needed to be reneved on my car. The first was the hose for the oil pressure gauge. On my car, this was a custom made solution with a nylon hose going from the oil filter to the gauge in the instrument cluster.

I measured the gauge used and found it to be 6mm OD and 4mm ID. After some searching I found a identical hose at the Norwegian supplier Tess. It is originally used for air brakes. Here I have mounted the fitting that goes into the instrument cluser

The hose was originally routed across the engine, but I routed it around the engine bay instead. Looks a lot more clean this way. Total length of the hose is now three meters. I am still not sure if this length will mean that I will have a less correct oil pressure gauge or not.

Second hose that needed renewing was the vacum hose for the brake booster. I cut of the original hose earlier and gold chromaticed all the fittings. Then I got some new nylon hose from Tess, 12 mm OD, and fitted this hose to the fittings. Looks good to me.


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The coils and their final position

This is what the engine looks like with the coils in their final position, with all the wires connected


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Engine started for the first time

Connected everything to have a go at starting the car. This is my second attempt at starting. On the first attempt, I got no ignition. I turned around the cables from the VR sensor and tried again. This is the result:

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Making new ignition wires

Since I want to use an EDIS-8 igintion, my origional Mercedes-Benz ignition wires does not fit on the EDIS coils. There was several options here. I could go to a scrapyard and try to salvage 8 wires from different Fords, if there was any cars with the correct wires there…

I could buy a new set of wires from a car who had these originally. For instance a Lincoln or something. Or I could change the connector on the original wires. I chose the latter option.

This is the original Mercedes ends:

This is the loose new EDIS plugs:

I cut of the original plug and started fitting the new boots:

Crimped on the connector, and voila, finished:



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Ignition and fuel back on the engine

Sorry for the absence of new posts in june. I had hoped to be able to complete the car early in june, but when I realised that was not possible, I slowed down.

I had to start on the wiring for my new ignition. It was not complicated, three wires to each coil, two wires to Megasquirt and two wires to the VR-sensor plus 12 volt and earth.

And then I bought some new injectors. I managed to loose some o-rings for the ones I had, so I decided to get a set of refurbished ones. Here they are mounted in the head.

And here we have the fuel rails back on the engine. Notice the wiring for the coils, I need to wrap them up, but I want to be sure that everything works as expected before I do that.


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Engine finished

As mentioned in the previous post. A lot has been going on. The engine is finished and back together. At this point I am only missing the parts for the fuel and ignition system

Here all the parts for the accelerator has been put back in place.

And here the rest of the engine bay has been completed.

I connected the battery, and everything seems to be working correctly


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