Even more new parts

I have bought a lot of parts lately, and even more was delivered yesterday. Here are a few pictures.

New Bosch headlight lenses and gaskets

New 280TE emblem

Plastic cover for the hole in the inner fender

And lots of other various bits and pieces I did not photograph…


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Pictures from the W108′s first wash this year

The weather is really nice and sunny in Norway. I could not have the W108 tucked away for the winter anymore, so I went picked it up last weekend.

First thing was to give it a thorough wash after the winter. The storage space had been nice and dry, but there was quite a lot of dust on the car. Some pictures of the car covered in foam. I use a foam lance connected to a Kranzle high pressure washer. In this case I used Meguiars Nxt soap. And I covered everything, even the motor.


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Pictures from Retro Classica 2014

This weekend I visited Retro Classica in Stuttgart together with some friends. Here are some random pictures from the event.

Here are the castle in the middle of the city:


There a lots of MB to see, and especially W111 in coupe and cabriolet form are popular:


Vinyl roof with a big sunroof on a W111? What the hell are people thinking is my first reaction…

It looks ridicolous when people polish their aluminium intake manifolds and head covers, luckily this owner had kept his engine bay looking like new without overdoing it:



A creative owner had wrecked the interior of this W111. Hopefully, he is happy with the result himself:

Enough with the W111… There were of course quite a lot of 300SL there as well, both roadster and coupe. This one with the extremely rare gullwing hardtop was cool:



My favorite car on the show was this W111 Universal.


You can find all the pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iumentum/sets/72157642550915155/

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Mounting the front springs

It is time to tackle the front springs. First thing, get some proper tools. The correct way of changing front springs on a w123 (and many other MB models) is with the original (or copy of the original) spring compressor. I have a copy, it costs significantly less than the original Klann, but it is still very expensive. So unless you have a lot of cars, it may make more sense to rent this tool. Here you have it.

The tool consists of a rod that goes into the middle of the spring and two plates that is mounted in each end of the spring. Turn the nut in the rod, and this then compresses the spring so that you will be able to mount it.

There is one problem though. On a W123 you are supposed to exit the rod through a whole in the inner fender. Like this:

But if you try it, you will see that the whole is actually too small for the rod.

From what I have been able to find out, it is only the original Klann tool that actually fits. All the copy tools are a hair too big. So the best way to do it is to enlarge the hole with a tool like this:

After a couple of minutes, the tool suddenly fits:

Here is the underside:

Now we place the tool in the middle of the spring, and the two plates in each end of the spring. The tool has two different plate sizes, so choose the correct one that fits the spring 100%

Wrench away. Do not use air tools. After some wrenching, you will have compressed the spring like this:

Now you can mount it. If you are like me, you may find out that you were not able to compress the spring enough, then you just have to move the plates further to each end of the spring, like I had to do. This picture is my second attempt, now I was able to mount the spring.

Then put the wrench trough the hole in the inner fender, and decompress the spring.

Voila! You are done.




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Aluminium parts looks brand new

It is amazing how good old aluminium parts can look after blasting them with glass. Here are some pictures of the parts before I mount them on the car.


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Painted the sandblasted parts

Some of the parts I sandblasted needs to be painted, else they will rust in no time. So for the exhaust manifolds I used heat resistant paint. According to the can, the paint can withstand 600 degrees celsius. Sorry for the blurry picture, but you get the idea. They are black.

The engine mounts looked to have a crappy paint job (and they are original MB), so I painted them together with the two engine parts to the left in this picture.


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Rebuilt one headlight

A long time ago I got some brand new Bosch headlights from a friend. Problem is, I have Hella headlights on my car, and Bosch headlights was without the vacuum height adjustment. So I put them on the shelf instead of mounting them on the car.

Yesterday, another friend sold me a old and beat up bosch headlight with a yellow reflector in it for the fog light.

Not that easy to spot in the picture, but the plastic was more brown than grey, and the glass is very worn. However, I only need the reflector and the mechanism for the vacuum adjustment. Here you can see the fog light reflector.

The frame around the headlight needs to be removed to gain access to all the screws. This one is from the new Bosch lamp.

Here I have changed the reflector for the fog light over, and installed the vacuum adjustment.

The botton left plastic arm on this picture was missing from the reflector in the new headlight. A difference in design due to the missing vacuum adjustment.

My new reflector.

This was easy to remedy. Just drill out the rivets, transfer the arm to the new reflector and use new rivets to fasten it.

One interesting detail is that the hatch that you open to change bulbs on the headlight is different between headlights with and without vacuum adjustment. So I had to use the old hatch on my headlights.

This is the finished headlight. I just need to order a new glass since the one for this headlight was broken.

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