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A little bit of cleaning

I had to change the front exhaus pipe on my 1980 300TDT the other week, and when I removed the airfilter to be able to get to the top bolts, I noticed that it was extremely dirty under there. There … Continue reading

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Redoing the injectors on my 280TE

Long time since the last post on this category I know… Anyways, when picking up the car this autumn there was two big problems with it. Both gasoline and automatic fluid was leaking out… I decided to tackle the gasoline … Continue reading

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Engine for sale

The old engine from my now dead 220Sb is for sale, complete with a four speed manual gearbox. This is the carbureted M180 engine. One of the carburetors has problems with the acceleration pump. I am asking 2000 NOK for … Continue reading

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Some pictures of the 1970 280S parts car

Just some pictures i snapped today of the parts car that I will start to break for parts on monday. Both the w111 220Sb and W110 190c has been delivered to the junk yard.     Posted with Blogsy

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A nice, and warm, detail for my W108

Once upon a time the W108 was a new car, and people drove them all year round. Getting them warm could be a problem when the temperatures was low. One common solution to this was covering the grille, so that … Continue reading

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Yet another parts car

Picked up this 1970 280S last week. This will also be broken for parts. Quite a lot of rust in the the floor pans, so no reason to try to rescue this one. I have not been able to go … Continue reading

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Finished breaking the w111 for parts

Finised removing the engine from my old W111. The car is now officially ready for the wreckers. It was new in Norway in 1965, and was driven by the CEO of one of the largest breweries in Norway when new. … Continue reading

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