Fabricating new fuel rail brackets

Yesterday it was finally time to start to fabricate some new fuel rail brackets. I wanted something really sturdy, so that I knew that whatever happened, I would not get a fuel spill and a burnt out wreck of a car as a result.

I am not an experienced fabricator, but you have to start somewhere, right? To get ideas on how to do this, I googled and looked at lots of photos of fuel rail brackets. My solution needed to be simple to make, and I needed to be able to make it myself.

What I came up with was to use these L-shaped brackets made out of 2mm steel. You can buy them everywhere in Norway that sells building supplies. Cut them down, shape them a little and drill some holes, and they will fulfill my needs perfectly. I may even gold chrome them for the authenthic look during the winter. Here is the bracket:

So i measured where to make the first cut and where to drill the first mounting hole. And I mounted it together with the rail to see where to drill the mounting bolts for the fuel rail.

So I clamped the bracket together with the rail and marked up where to drill the holes in the bracket and in the rail. I will tap the rail afterwards so that I can screw directly into the rail. That is when I learned my first lesson in drilling in aluminium stock. A broken drill bit!

Needless to say, this hole will not come out perfect. I have bought some new bits and will continue the saga this evening. Stay tuned for more updates, hopefully tomorrow.

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