Washing my car in january…

I thought that washing a car outside in december, where I live, in Norway was quite special. But today we had +4 degrees celsius here, and all the snow melted away in no-time. Just a week ago we had -20 and I was preparing for a cold and gloomy winter.

This time I washed my W211. It really needed it. It looked terrible.

And last, but not least, a photo of my 300TDT where it sits waiting for summer.


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2 Responses to Washing my car in january…

  1. Syver says:

    Der venter den på våren ja, eller bruker du den litt vinterstid?

  2. axng says:

    Bruker den ikke vinterstid, men den står lagret der på piggdekkene som fulgte med. Jeg har ikke sjekket datomerkingen på de, men de har p-kant og er helt som nye 😀

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